Over The Rainbow was founded in 1986 with the mission to provide a comprehensive, balanced early childhood education in a safe and nurturing environment. 

We like to welcome all parents and your children to Over the Rainbow. All children are beautiful in the eyes of God it is our responsibility as professional educators to shape them into positive and successful men and women of the future.
The first five years are the formative years of a child. These years build a solid foundation for a person character and self-esteem. OTR will provide your child with a color full and meaningful environment, developmentally appropriate activities. Children will have well-rounded curriculum and be nurtured their individuality.
As partners we will build that strong solid foundation needed for your children to become creative and productive leaders of tomorrow.
Our services are provided to our clients in a small, intimate, setting that is appealing to parents and engaging for the children. The foundation of the business is grounded by the aspiration to provide the highest quality of care and education to all.  It is affordable to all. Our daycare is a State approved  TSR pre-k school prep. We have been a staple in our City and have made it our mission to do more than just care for a child, we service the family as a whole.  because of our success O.T.R is contracted by several entities including: S.A.I.S.D & UT health science.

At over the Rainbow learning and Daycare Center we use an age appropriate child-centered curriculum. Early childhood education is a moment by moment process from morning greetings, daily routines and departures. We accept the responsibility for helping families build those foundations that all future learning springs from including social and emotional wellness.


Our curriculum fosters school readiness by stimulating brain development for language learning, writing, reading, math, sensory, and science. We accomplished this by integrating activities in all development domains areas daily. Our focus is in concept learning and readiness that is age appropriate. An appreciation for all people is integrated into our learning opportunities. The curriculum emphasizes developmentally appropriate play experiences. The teacher takes into consideration family home values, beliefs and children skills.  Each child is created by God to be unique and special.


Self-esteem and esteem for others are affirmed by nurturing teachers who understand how young children learn and guide them accordingly. Children and parents are most secure when Christian moral and spiritual values are reinforced in the classroom settings. Children learn to their maximum potential when age appropriate materials and resources are used in guiding their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral/spiritual development.


Our homes state and nation are best served when the values of God are revealed to children by the day to day Christian lifestyle or parents, teachers, and significant others.


Unite the Christian child care community in preserving the integrity of our faith-based teaching and child development program. Assist policymakers in their efforts to provide children with safe, healthy learning environments; Reaffirm the role of the traditional family lifestyle; Promote a better understanding of developmentally appropriate education based on the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral/spiritual need of a child; Present a positive image of Christian education in the early childhood field’s Promote the acceptance of all children and the concepts of accountable behavior, self-respect, and respect for others.